Harry Styles - Golden - Behind the Scenes

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Behind the scenes of "Golden" by Harry Styles.
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Golden, Golden, Golden
As I open my eyes
Hold it, focus, hoping
Take me back to the light
I know you were way too bright for me
I’m hopeless, broken
So you wait for me in the sky
Browns my skin just right

You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden,
I’m out of my head
And I know that you’re scared
Because hearts get broken

I don’t wanna be alone
I don’t wanna be alone
When it ends
Don’t wanna let you know
I don’t wanna be alone
But I can feel it take a hold
I can feel you take control
Of who I am and all I’ve ever known
Loving you’s the antidote

You’re so Golden
I don’t wanna be alone
You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden
I’m out of my head
And I know that you’re scared
Because hearts get broken

I know that you’re scared
Because I’m so open

You’re so Golden
I don’t wanna be alone
You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden
You’re so Golden
I’m out of my head
And I know that you’re scared
Because hearts get broken

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  • he is the definition of perfect and aesthetic.

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  • Me da una vibra bien bonita esta canción, amo simplemente la canción, es tan bello, es uns persona simplemente hermosa, con un corazón tan significantemente precioso.😍😍

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  • They say this is a BTS but it seems like this is another music video version of Golden

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  • Hyy harry ik you not read my msg but if you read so just say I love you because you always make me feel better and make my day wowwww I also wanna be a singer like and I do practice also but then also people make joke on my singing I do hard work to become a good singer like you but I can't I love you harry And sorry also I make your name down I am a looser for you ik but I love you❤ and sorry once again I can't be like you😞bye From khushi Arora From India Uttar pradesh Kanpur

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  • 2:23 legend has it there still talking in this exact spot and the Harry we have now is a robot

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  • Harry while filming : Ha y’all gotta wear a mask meanwhile I don’t cause I’m aloud to breathe :)

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    Julia DrögeJulia DrögePrije 12 dana
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      harry stylesharry stylesPrije 3 dana
  • Harry's "ciao ragazze" made me start my italian lessons again

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    • Hi guys, how are you? What do you think of this song, put it on the chat?

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  • QUE LINDO :3

  • Por mala persona con mis papás y conmigo y con nuestra casa y vida por aprovecharse de nuestras vidas te pasó eso igual que a todos los argentinos de Cipolletti y a todos los de Cipolletti y a todos los argentinos y a todos los argentinos de Argentina y a todos los de Argentina y a todos los del mundo y todo lo que les va a pasar y les van a decir y hacer todo por no querer denunciar y cumplir todas las leyes y hasta los van a mandar a todos a la cárcel y los graban a todo el mundo y los escuchan y ven en su vida privada

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  • 2:28

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  • The song Lights Up is Satanic. The light is his enlightenment. His Luciferian light. He’s being subliminal like he always is and is displaying his admission into the occult. He works for Satan and is being used to trick us all. I used to be fooled, but now I know. Please you guys turn away from the world and turn towards the love of Jesus Christ. He died that we may live. If Harry were to die that would save any of us from our sinful nature. Repent, the Lord is coming back to judge all. I used to love Harry and support him, but when I woke up from the tricks of the devil, I truly saw everything that is wrong with Harry and how he is being used. hrworld.info/home/video/aLmcirJ5jK6Ejao.html

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  • hrworld.info/home/video/aLmcirJ5jK6Ejao.html

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