Harry Styles - Kiwi

8. Stu 2017.
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Official music video for ”Kiwi​” by Harry Styles​
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She's driving me crazy, but I'm into it, but I'm into it
I'm kinda into it
It's getting crazy, I think I'm losing it, I think I'm losing it
Oh, I think she said "I'm having your baby, it's none of your business"
"I'm having your baby, it's none of your business"
(It's none of your, it's none of your)
"I'm having your baby (Hey, ah), it's none of your business" (Oh)
"I'm having your baby (Hey, hey), it's none of your, it's none of your" (Ow!)
#Kiwi​ #HarryStyles #Pop

  • Interviewer: is kiwi's mv about you and luois tomlinson? Harry: ummm..ahhh...phrr...aah... you know it's ummm.. i was working in a bakery-..

    RaVenRaVenPrije 2 sati
  • Is it just me or does anyone think the same that Harry's songs with fruit as a title is not from his point of view. Like from someone else's. I mean imagine if kiwi is from Louis' pov and cherry is from camille's. But Idk about watermelon sugar

    Fitri HanisaFitri HanisaPrije 7 sati
  • te amoooooooooooooooo

    Gaby Go CaGaby Go CaPrije 7 sati
  • I will never understand this music video

    Rachel BraithwaiteRachel BraithwaitePrije 7 sati
  • 2:46 this kid with his dying friend/brother fucking killed me

    lightly_seasonedlightly_seasonedPrije 8 sati
  • omg his little smirk at the end im dead

    Sami DavisSami DavisPrije 8 sati
  • "hard candy dripping on me till my feet are wet..." and "its like i pay for it im gonna pay for this" are more meaningful after harry seen quitting the box

    Ebrar O'brienEbrar O'brienPrije 12 sati

    Marília DantasMarília DantasPrije 12 sati
  • Minha mãe como confeiteira quase quebrou o celular pela guerra de comida

    wJuliaw SwJuliaw SPrije 14 sati
  • i love it!

    Scarlett SepúlvedaScarlett SepúlvedaPrije 18 sati
  • i came to the comment section to know whats happening in the video. guess I'm not alone cz nobody here has a clue

    Simran GuptaSimran GuptaPrije 19 sati
  • Your not a kiwi harry nostyle but come live your days here and il let you know how it really is x

    Galaxy PouwhareGalaxy PouwharePrije dan
  • 😭❤️

    Joshua SpurgeonxxJoshua SpurgeonxxPrije dan
    • @Joshua Spurgeonxx haha..uhh too Joshuu🧛‍♀️🖤

      ᴉuɐɅ VaniᴉuɐɅ VaniPrije dan
    • @ᴉuɐɅ Vani Bbyeee hv an amazing day Vaniii dii 😂💕

      Joshua SpurgeonxxJoshua SpurgeonxxPrije dan
    • @Joshua Spurgeonxx but I hv to 😈byee😂😭❤

      ᴉuɐɅ VaniᴉuɐɅ VaniPrije dan
    • @ᴉuɐɅ Vani never in a million years 😎😭

      Joshua SpurgeonxxJoshua SpurgeonxxPrije dan
    • @Joshua Spurgeonxx get out😭😭🤣

      ᴉuɐɅ VaniᴉuɐɅ VaniPrije dan
  • Cake-gate;)

    Nft DbNft DbPrije dan
  • This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...❤️ 🤍💕

    Hollagrl0999Hollagrl0999Prije dan
  • My frie being in this music video be like 👁👄👁

    Ashton BoneAshton BonePrije dan
  • ▶️

    Manuel CardonaManuel CardonaPrije dan
  • one day I set the alarm, I thought I was seeing the light for a few seconds

    lai tommolai tommoPrije dan
  • Wow this music video is just very... Unique 😎😅😶

    Creative ObsidianCreative ObsidianPrije dan
  • imagine getting to have a cake fight with harry. i’m actually very jealous of these children🥲

    Phoebe CullenPhoebe CullenPrije dan
  • Song:🎸🤡⛓🚬 Video :🎂🍰🧁🐶 Title:🥝🥝

    Alberte MønningAlberte MønningPrije dan
  • guys guys guys !!!!!!!!!!!!! At 01:28 it’s the stream of louis !!!!!!!!??????????????

    Pauline TomlinsonPauline TomlinsonPrije dan
  • What a cool vibe (◕ᴗ◕✿)🙂❤️😍🇸🇮

    Petra BlatnikPetra BlatnikPrije dan
  • Whenever I wanna listen to this I have watch this 3 times I can’t multitask the song , the music video and the Title at the same Time 😰😰😰

    Vinroyo 12Vinroyo 12Prije dan
  • He really said : hold my tpwk, didn't he?

    Srinivas GanapavarapuSrinivas GanapavarapuPrije 2 dana
  • The one who really gets the meaning of this song+the mv.... you're an Einstein.

    Arpita ChakrabortyArpita ChakrabortyPrije 2 dana
  • Yo i got Niall’s Gym+Coffee ad in this video

    Alejandra MolinarAlejandra MolinarPrije 2 dana
  • But did they get any cake

    TomieTomiePrije 2 dana
  • vian de dar los pances pa unonoonodigan

    Victor Nava FrancoVictor Nava FrancoPrije 2 dana
  • me waiting for ashton irwin to do a drum cover

    sign of the crimessign of the crimesPrije 2 dana
  • me gusta el kiwi

    Julieta Elena Manubens GuzmánJulieta Elena Manubens GuzmánPrije 2 dana
  • Not me laughing for 2 mins straight cause the intro said no children were harmed.. Omg😂😂😂😂

    Niharika MishraNiharika MishraPrije 2 dana
  • I love this song!!!

    Klaudia StefanovovaKlaudia StefanovovaPrije 2 dana
  • Harry is this your love confession for lou?

    Gunjarie DasguptaGunjarie DasguptaPrije 2 dana
  • waking up in the morning to this song will never not be amaxing

    Idk But wspIdk But wspPrije 2 dana

    Erika Mireya Cabezas HerreraErika Mireya Cabezas HerreraPrije 3 dana

    Erika Mireya Cabezas HerreraErika Mireya Cabezas HerreraPrije 3 dana

    Erika Mireya Cabezas HerreraErika Mireya Cabezas HerreraPrije 3 dana
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    Erika Mireya Cabezas HerreraErika Mireya Cabezas HerreraPrije 3 dana
  • So girls from New Zealand are called kiwis so maybe that will give some context on the thi- you know what idk?

    orlitoonorlitoonPrije 3 dana
  • this is duplicity’s only song😀 iykyk

    Tamzin GraceTamzin GracePrije 3 dana
    • please tell me there’s fellow wattpad readers out there who will understand this😭😂

      Tamzin GraceTamzin GracePrije 3 dana
  • I got a Niall Horgan add before this.

    Rainbow KittyRainbow KittyPrije 3 dana
    • ONG SAME

      Cassidy RossCassidy RossPrije 3 dana
  • there is 28 person at the end wtf

    Zeynep ErenZeynep ErenPrije 3 dana
  • imagine you're in a Harry Styles music video.

    Lea ZuckerwatteLea ZuckerwattePrije 3 dana
    • i would cry

      mama stevemama stevePrije 2 dana
  • Tipe bak yav

    Kübra GülerKübra GülerPrije 3 dana
  • Harry and the Kids: hiving a food fight Niall: HEY!! DON'T WASTE FOOD!!!

    Channel AwesomeChannel AwesomePrije 3 dana
  • gran video bro

    Oliverio Xarau KatzOliverio Xarau KatzPrije 4 dana
  • this sounds too much like Arctic Monkeys and i dont like it.

    staryyystaryyyPrije 4 dana
  • " I work in a bakery" came very handy 😂😂😂🤭

    Saamrudhi KarnikSaamrudhi KarnikPrije 4 dana
  • god! the comments are literally gold here lol

    PriyaPriyaPrije 4 dana
  • i got the Niall Horan gym+coffee as before listening to this what

    SophSophPrije 4 dana

    louis tomlinsonlouis tomlinsonPrije 5 dana
  • It's so f*cking kryptic my mind is overflowing with possible meanings! Its driving me crazy.... But I guess it's none of my business😂

    Gaga LadyGaga LadyPrije 5 dana
  • Lyrics:🕶🖤🤘💣 Video:🌼🍩🍰👧👨 Title:🥝 Total: BEST SONG EVER

    #1 Crybaby#1 CrybabyPrije 5 dana
  • who else is still here and also i just got an ad with niall horan DGGFEWGFWFGEW

    crack headcrack headPrije 5 dana
  • Who is jeleos of This girl ? I am

    Daisy BostockovaDaisy BostockovaPrije 5 dana
  • Love that a female is playing the role of young harry

    Sexy StylesSexy StylesPrije 5 dana
  • Harry....

    Isadora de Souza MirandaIsadora de Souza MirandaPrije 5 dana
  • I love you so much

    Maya BaccarMaya BaccarPrije 5 dana
  • why haven't i watched the music vid

    Limelight DirectionerLimelight DirectionerPrije 5 dana
  • Harry’s twin is fighting aimlessly in her world alone to try to make things better. Harry enters, joins forces and brings the love (puppies). The end.

    Tyler DurdenTyler DurdenPrije 6 dana
  • harry styles guapo

    Franz Iverson MaravillaFranz Iverson MaravillaPrije 6 dana
  • 2:13 ✨TIN✨

    Alexandra GonzalezAlexandra GonzalezPrije 6 dana
  • okay, hear me out you guys think the vid has nothing to do with the music but this was made a year after Freddie was born (Louis child) and the song is about a pregnant woman. So basically the music video kind of symbolizes the cake fight 1d had on the last day which basically means that maybe this song was written for bri and Louis I mean Idk if this makes any sense

    personailsed beadspersonailsed beadsPrije 6 dana
  • Nice song broh, keep going.

    Emiliano MicieliEmiliano MicieliPrije 6 dana
  • Teamohary

    guAdis gpguAdis gpPrije 6 dana

    guAdis gpguAdis gpPrije 6 dana
  • TeamoharryUQEBONITO

    guAdis gpguAdis gpPrije 6 dana
  • this is cutee

    Valeria Parvina JaraValeria Parvina JaraPrije 6 dana
  • My favorite song every. Harry is the best singer in the world

    Kayla ThompsonKayla ThompsonPrije 6 dana
  • eres muy lindo

    Carmen RodriguezCarmen RodriguezPrije 6 dana
  • Te. Amo. Louis. Sos. Mi. Fabarito

    Rosy AndradaRosy AndradaPrije 6 dana

    Ecrin YılmazEcrin YılmazPrije 6 dana
  • Attention Harries for the 4th anniversary of the release of his first album, we decided to set goals: lights up 95M kiwi 75M song of the times 800M falling 100M ¡WE HAVE UNTIL MAY 12!

    Lesly SanchezLesly SanchezPrije 6 dana
    • sign of the times*

      Heart of the oceanHeart of the oceanPrije 3 dana
  • Song:Kiwi Nz:I'm yer baby Harry:it's none of your business.

    Vikash SharmaVikash SharmaPrije 6 dana
  • Hands down my favourite Harry styles song !

    Julia SpincerJulia SpincerPrije 6 dana
  • Disclaimer: This video hasn't been deciphered yet

    Sunanda MahapatraSunanda MahapatraPrije 7 dana
  • Nadie Harry poniendo nombre de canciones random como sandia

    Lucero GonzalesLucero GonzalesPrije 7 dana
  • 2017 : kiwi 2018: 2019 : watermelon 2020: 2021: 2022: I expect More fruits songs in future 😌

    IntrovertIntrovertPrije 7 dana
  • Kiwi Watermelon sugar

    Angelica AdzAngelica AdzPrije 7 dana
  • I rlly don't understand this video

    Leia BurlinghamLeia BurlinghamPrije 7 dana
  • Kiwi

    Alejandra Paola Pérez DíazAlejandra Paola Pérez DíazPrije 7 dana
  • The dead kid scene is very funny 😂😂😂

    MarMarPrije 7 dana
  • cake-gate

    lou ́s dog walker.lou ́s dog walker.Prije 8 dana
  • Ok, but i'm so confused, what the meaning of 🥝?

    Nurul AlifahNurul AlifahPrije 8 dana
  • in the minute 2:12 he said "Tin" awwwwww

    Sofía OrtuñoSofía OrtuñoPrije 8 dana
  • the fact that they had to say "no children were harmed in the making of this video" is funny

    mariyah mcneilmariyah mcneilPrije 8 dana
  • Fun fact: Ishmael inspired this song

    Prachi TodalgePrachi TodalgePrije 8 dana
  • Kiwi

    Dhruv KatariaDhruv KatariaPrije 8 dana
  • Guys. The cake fight scene. Their last day of freedom.

    The Wolf GamingThe Wolf GamingPrije 8 dana
    • Yup 😭

      sumbul !sumbul !Prije 8 dana
  • I have a strong feeling that Louis wrote this

    Thet Hay Zan OoThet Hay Zan OoPrije 8 dana
  • Niall is the blonde kid with glasses eating the cupcake

    Isabella McCrossinIsabella McCrossinPrije 9 dana
  • The fact that the vid has nothing to do with kiwi

    A Sinner GoddessA Sinner GoddessPrije 9 dana

    Mariana FerreiraMariana FerreiraPrije 9 dana
  • Why on earth did he call this song "Kiwi"? (I still love it though)

    Gracie GrimmGracie GrimmPrije 9 dana
  • con ésta canción me dan ganas de aventarme del tercer piso de mi casa, no no tremendo arte que es kiwi verdadedios ✨✨✨

    Vanessa _Diaz GVanessa _Diaz GPrije 9 dana
  • pinche canción rockstar espectacular que es kiwi la verdad 💗💗👑

    Vanessa _Diaz GVanessa _Diaz GPrije 9 dana
  • Oh lord that smirk

    LiveTheDreamLiveTheDreamPrije 9 dana
  • I'd give it to harry to write a song to do nothing with the title

    austyn edwardsaustyn edwardsPrije 9 dana